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Tuber Aestivum: Known as summer truffle, in Italy "Tartufo nero estivo". Contrary to the previous ones, it has its growing season in summer, until the beginning of autumn.

This fungus has an irregular round shape, and is entirely covered with angular pyramidal warts, which differentiate it from the others.

It is characterised by its blackish-brown colour and compact flesh, intense and aromatic smell, its interior is white and turns hazelnut-coloured, never black, as it matures.


The summer truffle is considered to be of good quality and is sold out of season, practically all year round, candied with a liqueur or with its own preservation juice, and its price is much lower than the previous ones.

It is less dense, weighs less, than the black winter truffle and tends to reach a larger size. Unlike the black truffle, the summer truffle cannot be cultivated and it can only be kept fresh for a few days; in some years they are found in large numbers, while in other years there are hardly any specimens at all.

The summer truffle is very sensitive to heat and loses its aroma when cooked, which is why it is used fresh.

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