Summer truffle

All about the summer truffle

Tuber Aestivum: Known as summer truffle; in Italy, «Tartufo nero estivo». Contrary to the previous ones, its growing season is in summer, until the beginning of autumn.

The summer truffle is considered of good quality and is sold out of season, practically all year round, candied with some liquor or with its own preservation juice, and its price is much lower than the previous ones.


This fungus has an irregular round shape and is entirely covered by angular pyramidal warts which differentiate it from the others.

It is characterised by its blackish-brown colour and compact flesh, intense and aromatic smell. Its interior is white and it turns hazel as it matures, never black.


It is less dense, weighs less than the black winter truffle and is usually larger.


Less known than its big sister Tuber Melanosporum, and due to its lower price, Tuber Aestivum or summer truffle is one of the most sold and distributed truffles in Spain. Several factors influence the final price of the summer truffle, which varies from season to season. Some of the factors that make the price fluctuate are the weather conditions of that year, if the conditions for truffle growth have been favourable. The price, of course, also varies greatly depending on the quantity purchased.
The price range may vary from 200 euros per kilogram buying large quantities, to 500 euros per kilogram if the truffle is bought in small quantities. If you want to buy cheap summer truffle oftop quality, take a look at our online shop, and if you want to buy large quantities for your business, justcontact us and we will offer you the best price.



The properties and benefits of the summer truffle are the same as those of practically all mushrooms and also very similar to those of its sister, the black truffle. The most important are the B vitamins, which have anti-ageing effects protecting against cellular oxidation (Riboflavin B2 and Niacin B3). They are considered as the natural botox thanks to its high content of antioxidants. They also provide essential minerals for health, such as iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin C. They help lower bad cholesterol levels in the body and improve the appearance of nails, hair and skin. They also help reduce blood glucose levels.



Unlike the black truffle, this one cannot be cultivated and they can only be kept fresh for a few days. Some years they are found in large quantities, while other years there are hardly any specimens. The harvesting period is usually between May and September.
The summer truffle is very sensitive to heat and loses its aroma when cooked, so it is used fresh.

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